Using Twitter Effectively

Chances are that you have a Twitter account for your business. How engaged are your followers with your brand? It’s difficult to be consistent and post interesting things throughout the day. You may be wondering how others seem to pull it off so well. There are actually a few tricks to Twitter that you might not be aware of.

The first tool you need to know about is Hootsuite. Hootsuit is a free platform that lets you schedule your tweets to go out to all of your accounts in one place. This is an effective way of being consistent and maintaining a strong web presence. Keep in mind while using this tool that it is important to check back to see if anyone has tweeted to you. Reply to them as soon as possible, as Twitter users are impatient. You can also use it to create streams that track specific hashtags.

Another important took to know is It is still an fairly unknown website that lets you do real-time searches on the social web. This is a very good way to see where your company is being mentioned and talked about. It gives you a good idea of how your company is being perceived and what your demographic is. You can also save searches for key terms and variations of your company’s name.

There are a few important factors that make a Twitter account successful. Try to post mainly ideas and information. Create a voice and a personality for your business, a human personality.

You should be aiming for at least five tweets a day. One of those tweets should direct users back to your website. The best time to post is in between 1pm and 3pm. This is the best time for engaging. Now that you have these tools, you are ready to take your twitter to a new level.

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