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What You Need To Know About Google’s Penguin and Panda Changes

Jul 31

Search Marketing has undergone some huge changes this year. First Panda and now Penguin. Google continues to release search algorithm changes that have impacted webmasters and small business search rankings. Google stated these changes were intended to promote better search results and reduce spam. Sounds great but we’ve seen a ton of activity in the Internet marketing community discussing the changes and their impact to search results across the board.

We’re still gathering information about the impacts these changes have had. We do know several sites with affiliate links were severely impacted as well as sites with keyword stuffing. Google has stated that keyword density and overuse are things of the past. Early data also suggests back-links took a hit when the same keyword anchor was used repeatedly. This would suggest using multiple phrases as a good approach.

Google also targeted quality content. Creating great material that is well presented is quickly becoming more and more important. Weak article spinning is a thing of the past. The best approach to creating links naturally is by creating unique articles aimed at niche that get passed along by readers, not computers. “Webmasters and SEO consultants need to be more focused on gaining natural links and creating quality content that gets attention from both search engines and readers,” says Leonard McCann of a NJ Law Firm SEO Company.

It seems Google’s is also focused Social Media activity. Their new dashboard provides more meaningful traffic analysis and a new set of social reports that help you measure the impact of your social marketing campaigns and evaluate the effect those social media activities have on your overall goals. These four new reports aggregate specific data points to ensure you see the entire scheme of how social media marketing affects your business. It makes sense that social media is a great way to promote links and company branding naturally.

This year has already shown to be major year for search engine results. The search marketing community will take a while to normalize again. We can hope that spammers were the worst bunch of people hit and the web is a better place as a result. We can also hope that they don’t reverse engineer the update and circumvent these changes. Google has stated that they intend on continuing these types of changes to further reduce spam and improve search accuracy. We can expect that search results will continue to move around a bit in the coming months as a result. We can hope that quality organic SEO with minimal spam is the wave of the future.

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