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How Can SEO Singapore Please Google’s New Filters

Sep 04

Google is no doubt the web’s top search engine, and for this reason the company poses itself as leader in building online search innovations. Google continues to improve its services particularly in helping online visitors find the information that they want. From time to time, it upgrades its algorithms to avoid sites that use improper SEO tactics. With these algorithmic upgrades, the company also advises website owners to make adjustments in their SEO Singapore activities.

SEO Singapore And Google Upgrades

In 2011, Google launched a big algorithmic development which it called the Panda. This change sorted out websites that perform keyword stuffing, publish poor or duplicate content, and carry out other intolerable SEO techniques. Google’s Panda shook the rankings of thousands of websites on the web and compelled website owners to go over the quality of their website design and content.

This year, Google made another search result modification through the Penguin. This time, Google wanted to sanction more websites that explicitly implement tricking, manipulative, and irresponsible optimization. Concerned with this new big change, site owners worldwide are working hard reorienting their SEO strategies to secure their results rankings.

Responsible SEO Singapore

The Panda and the Penguin aim to encourage website owners to be fair and to only rely on white hat activities. White hat, as the term implies, refers to good and acceptable optimization methods that allow a website to properly and honestly introduce itself in terms of theme, length, keywords, and whatnot. To secure better rankings, website owners are advised to follow the standards of web creation. They should provide helpful and unique content, avoid unnecessary and repetitive use of keywords, and exchange links only with reputable sites.

A cleaner and more organized web design can also help sites to be more appealing in the algorithms of Google. Good design makes it easier for users to navigate a site and easier for Google’s web crawlers to index its content. Most of all, it reduces the temptation of using illegal optimization methods and eventually makes a more mature SEO Singapore.

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