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How The Updated Google Panda Corrects Searches For Accuracy Of Data

Aug 29

Google Search lead man Amit Singhal in one meeting said that Google creates up to 500 algorithm modifications in a year. This is not surprising knowing that Google wants the best search experience for its end users. Just lately, Google released 40 alterations to the search experience. Most of these changes focused on enhancing the user interface. For instance, soon there will be larger images for the thumbnails, local prediction for hot searches, with others. As far as the search rankings in Google is concerned, the recent changes included an update to the Google Algorithm, Panda.

Must Website Owners Be Cautious Of The New Panda?

Many website owners have reacted attentively towards what they perceive as major changes on the search algorithm. Google says that the Panda update will make the Panda scheme more precise and more responsive to recent modifications on the web.

The main word to note is recent. When it was launched last year, Google Panda saw lots of websites which did not create new content plummet down the rankings. It is remarkable that Google termed the algorithm Panda because fundamentally, pandas eat fresh bamboo. Google assigns favour to websites with new and up-to-date content that is why internet sites depending on article farm sites which may offer free articles but which are not timely, newsworthy or trending suffered a plummet in ranking when the Panda kicked in.

If Your Site Is Aligned With Google, It Will Survive Algorithm Updates

This time, fresh and remarkable content draws a higher vote from Google. Website owners will more possibly rank high if they make onsite and offsite content which are about the hot topics.

Of course, content has to be optimised with the correct keywords, the appropriate keyword placement, and the fitting keyword density. It takes practice, in fact, expertise to be able to write for optimisation but fundamentally, well written very informative and fact-based articles will rank high. A tool to make use of for researching what pertinent articles to write about is Google Trends. With internet sites providing pertinent and timely data, then website owners need not be nervous about ranking plummet despite new changes from Google.

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