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Negative SEO: The Perils That It Brings

Oct 23

The competition in the SEO industry is incredibly tough. Intense pressure and expectations from clients keep most optimisers on their toes, working day in and day out to produce tangible results. As days pass by though, the challenges are becoming more difficult to mount. Some fall off, some stay at the top. Some lose, some win the laborious SEO game.

There is impending danger when a certain optimiser do not accomplish the results. Sometimes, when these internet specialists frown upon the results, they result to unethical means just so they can get even with their competitors. It may be hard to believe, but the SEO industry is being tarnished by dirty tactics from time to time.

Issues concernig negative SEO have been going on for many years. Negative SEO pertains to the idea of acting out illegal deeds and malicious strategies to get a certain site to fall off SERPS, diminish rankings, and get banned by Google or other search engines. The alarming aspect of negative SEO is that it is NOT the website owner who performs these malicious tactics, it’s the competitor or hacker who desires to make the victimised website look awful and bad in the eyes of Google.

Negative SEO, according to Rand fishkin, can be done in numerous ways. Some try to incorporate viruses, malwares and spam links hacked websites and blogs. Some choose excessive spam reporting so that their opponents are immediately knocked out. Some even exert effort to point illegal links to victim web sites so that Google may perceive the supposed irregularities.

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