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Onsite Optimisation: 3 Things That Are Easy To Neglect But Cripple SEO

Sep 08

It is factual that SEO or search engine optimization is not a strict Science. Depending on how you look at it, SEO could be a game you play with Google and try to win, or a mind boggling and frustrating maze or puzzle you cannot seem to determine. This may be for the reason that some people carry out SEO while not anchoring their approach to SEO on solid principles. Many people make the blunder of thinking that creating articles on their blog using the correct keywords and the correct keyword density is enough to make the blog appear on the front page of Google.

If your website is struggling in the ranking even if you think you are doing SEO right, here are three items which are often hidden that may be stifling your SEO triumph.

Keyword Focused And Sufficient Web Copy

The first thing to check is content. If the web site homepage has more images than texts, then Google will not be able to index the website more efficiently. Having more copy on the web site than photos on it is in fact SEO responsive. Just make certain that the web copy is rich with focused keywords.

Check The Period Of Your Website’s Domain Name Registration

Most web site owners don’t care much regarding the number of years their site domain name is signed up. Some just register their domain name for the minimum one year. But registering your domain name for five years or more is actually good for ranking. It indicates to Google that you are a genuine website and not a fly-by-night organisation. Google will then have greater confidence in voting for you to appear on its front page.

Assess The Site Diagnostics By Google Webmaster Tools

It is very essential to carry out onsite optimization before offsite optimisation. Onsite optimization is preparing a site or blog for joining the SEO race. It is similar to putting an engine on a sports car. The engine, which is the website or blog, is “cleaned” of items which Google will not want, and built in with things which Google wants. Offsite optimization, which is article writing, is similar to the gas that the sports car needs to zoom past the others. Certainly, without a sturdy engine, the car won’t in fact start no matter how greatly you fill it up.

Diagnostics by Google Webmaster Tools will detect these unseen errors. Web site owners must principally pay attention to duplicate meta description as well as meta titles. Google has no tolerance for duplicate content. This is like missing a screw in the engine which will then just cause the gas to leak.

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