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The Dangers Of Engaging In Black Hat SEO

Oct 31

SEO is recognised as an art of precision. The popular belief is that only well-crafted SEO campaigns have the same feel. These Internet business marketing plans have parallel features, and are seemingly produced similarly to bring in good results.

When placed under careful scrutiny, website pages that are ranking high possess the same essential elements: valuable content, crawler-friendly page structure, optimisable website designs and professional layouts.

Another question that captures the attention of most internet specialists is this: is there a means to determine what should NOT be done to wound website rankings? Fortunately, Google has identified certain methods that can potentially damage your online image.

Listed below are black hat SEO tactics that might get you in trouble:

Avoid stuffing your pages with keywords. The act of keyword dilution can be a major turnoff, particularly for your readers. Keyword density is a myth, and is no way relevant to the determination of your site rankings. The idea of impressing crawlers with exaggerated keyword usage is already a thing of the past. In case you don’t know, crawlers are too smart now to pay close attention to your abusive use of keywords.

Are you guilty of unnatural linking strategies? Beware! Crawlers are too intelligent to go after anything that smells fishy. If you’re using paid links, reciprocal links and excessive linking strategies, expect Google to go after you. Who knows? You might just be a victim of penalisation too soon!

Don’t hide content from your online users. Are you showing content to crawlers but not to your site viewers? Such deed, also known as cloaking, is a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Some websites take cloaking to another level, and even utilise similar colors for the text and background elements of their site.

Duplicate content must be avoided. Whatever you do, don’t go for anything copied. Boost the value of your website by offering well-written, well-research content to your readers.

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