The Significance Of Penguin Update

Every now and then, the Internet world endures uproars here and there. When does it happen frequently? When Google introduces a new update or rolls out a new penalty! This is happened when Google introduced the Penguin update on April 24 this year and influenced majority of business entities online.

So what is the talk about? It’s clearly about the perceived biased of Google. Many entrepreneurs are furious at the Silicon Valley monolith for two reasons: one, Google continues to issue or roll out updates without sufficient update. Two, its Penguin update hurt the performance of some good websites while other bad websites are still out there, roaming freely without getting penalised.

But must Google be blamed for all these fluctuations? Is Google responsible for these lost website rankings? Not really. If you’ve been a victim of the update, then it is not beneficial if you blame the unexpected roll out of Google penguin. Why? Because the issues you faced today would have probably lashed at you anyway, at some point. And the only thing you have to do is fix the errors that plagued your web site.

What must you do to recover your rankings and reach the top? You must work on your campaign. Identify the flaws of your plan. Scrutinise the minute details of your tactics. Have you immersed in black hat SEO before? You will have to admit that dealing with black hat isn’t the best way to go up.

An SEO and web development company Singapore will easily tell what you need to do to make sure your SEO approach ends up successful. So what are you waiting for? Collaborate with that expert and start your SEO campaign all over again. Remember, all you need is a good website design, a result-oriented SEO plan, and a good SEO expert to hit the top spot!

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