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A Guide To Competent Web Development

Sep 25

For conventional minds, web development may come across as a foreign topic. Many view it as a herculean task, a particular endeavour that entails skills that of an expert’s level. This is complete myth. For the trained online professional, the art of web development can be learned, if and only if, one is willing to submit to the specifications dictated by demands of the online market.

When creating a website, knowledge of various online platforms is a must. Web developers have to be acquainted with the pros and cons of these platforms, so they can determine which platform best suits the client’s desired website. If the website is media-rich, developers can propose the use of Flash. If the website is for corporate identity, developers can suggest the implementation of a CMS platform such as WordPress.

The interesting question here is this: is deep understanding of web platforms enough for web developers? Obviously not. Web developers today should make it a priority to learn the essentials of search engine optimisation. Without studying the entire SEO process, the developers may end up creating mediocre websites that do not appeal to search engine spiders. This inability to please crawlers terribly influence rankings. When sites are robbed of significant ranking improvements, they face the fatal punishment of being buried under a pile of other websites, leading to a disastrous business venture.

Web developers today, without a doubt, must exert effort to craft websites that can withstand the requirements of search engines. They must learn how to appreciate the fundamentals, and incorporate these learnings into the process of development.

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