Organo Gold Business Review

Organo Gold was established in 2008 by Bernardo Chua as a multi level marketing organization with a mission of spreading Ganoderma knowledge all over the world. The enterprise focuses on health and wellness conscious users by developing healthy goods manufactured from Ganoderma, an old Chinese herb. Ganoderma was commonly utilized in Chinese conventional medicine for over four thousand years. The Ganoderma mushrooms that happen to be utilised by Organo Gold are often grown organically and are believed to relieve stress and fatique, manage inflammation, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, support the immune system and build stamina.

With its business open in 13 nations namely the USA, Germany, Canada, Greece, Scotland, Mexico, Jamaica, Austria, The Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Peru and Philippines whilst still expanding to numerous other nations. The income from the business in 2010 estimated about $35 million with approximately 60,000 distributors globally while in 2011, the income estimated $150 million with 175,000 distributors globally.

Organo Gold merchandise are classified into three groups:

Beverages which include things like black coffee, Gourmet Cafe Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet hot chocolate, organic green tea, King of coffee and Gourmet cafe supreme. Nutraceuticals which includes grapeseed oil extract, Ganoderma Spore Powder, Ganoderma Lucidum Mycelium and Ganoderma Lucidum. Personal care merchandise which includes G3 Premium Beauty Soap and OG Smile toothpaste. Organo Gold’s main product is coffee and its objective is to broaden the line of Ganoderma based merchandise that have been developed scientifically. By successfully infusing Gourmet coffee together with an expanding line of products, Organo Gold has managed to scientifically develop a healthy coffee that tastes great and also helps one feel very good.

By using a cost effective distribution network system for delivering their merchandise, a lot more of the profit is shared within the expanding Organo Gold family around the globe.

Ogano Gold provides a wonderful business opportunity to people all over the world to earn money by selling Ganoderma based products. To join up as an Organo Gold distributor, one has to purchase a business kit that costs fifty dollars. The small business kit contains a website, forms, brochures, back office access, product samples as well as instruction material.

New distributors may also opt to purchase one of the three business builder kits which are Gold priced at $1,250, Silver provided at $450 and Bronze provided at $150. The differences in packages are mainly according to the product quantity one receives. Also, quick start bonuses improve with each level: Gold $150, Silver $80 and bronze $20.

Organo Gold uses a binary compensation program. Its representatives may be in a position to earn retail profits on their personal merchandise sales, sale of kits to other new partners, auto-shipments and re-orders of merchandise. Organo Gold representatives may also qualify for several bonuses. In order for Organo Gold representatives to qualify for commissions on their own team’s sales, they need to register for an auto-ship monthly at a minimum of $50.00.

The main philosophy behind the company’s compensation program would be to promote and encourage Organo Gold product sales on a recurring basis. Every section in the plan enhances and encourages activities that have an effect on another section of the plan. This basically implies a domino effect must exist that benefits the corporation, the partner and also the team members. Organo Gold offers seven ways for one to earn money, alongside with incentives at the same time as rewards at just about every step of their development towards leadership.

Retail profit that is paid daily or weekly, fast track bonus that is paid each and every week, dual group bonus Unilevel bonus which can be paid each and every month with compression, downward to 9 level’s deep, unilevel matching bonus which is paid each month up to 3 level’s deep, and generational leadership bonus which can be paid each month Global pool which is earned each month but is paid quarterly.

To qualify to get a bonus, a distributor requires a monthly auto-ship of $54 and no less than $300 (CV) Commission Volume in an effort to obtain a bonus. Unilevel compensation plans are fantastic for getting mid level and lower level promoters cash easily.

Retail sales for the organization is a big income earner especially for promoters considering the fact that lots of them are earning income from promoting the goods directly. In a number of network advertising companies, usually promoters buy products for the auto-ships to be active and after that place bulk orders of their very own concentrate on the recruiting team members. As with any type of network advertising and marketing opportunity, it really is essential for one to have a solid business strategy.

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