AuthorRank And Its Importance

As far as ranking a website is concerned, publishing quality content matters. In fact, in SEO content is considered king. And this standard has remained true and effective despite the big changes that search engine companies have implemented in the recent years.

This is why it isn’t surprising when Google’s next in line move to give user better results has something to do with content. Google is planning to implement AuthorRank so they can identify authors and check the originality of their works. AuthorRank is not an algorithmic update but it can contribute to the rating that is given to a particular web page or site.

If this will be implemented, it can help give justice to quantity versus quality content issue. If duplicating websites is so easy to do these days, what more in duplicating content? Duplicate content badly affects the traffic of the website where the content is originally posted. Some legitimate websites even have poor ranking compared to those that publish duplicate content. This certainly is unfair.

How does Google identify the author of particular web content? Google identifies an author through his or her Google+ profile and Google authorship. A person’s profile on Google+ will give face to the by line and digital signature that comes with the published content. Hence, any agent (as how Google calls an author) needs to register in Google+ and link his or her account to the website where he or she is writing or contributing articles.

While AuthorRank is just a factor that can influence the ranking of a website, this move has the potential to help recognize authorship and punish websites that publish duplicate content. So it pays that website owners have an SEO team that is updated with the changes that search engine companies implement every now and then.

That is not a problem for website owners in Singapore because most SEO Singapore companies know the latest in web optimization. In Singapore SEO is taken seriously by web masters and this signifies the competition is tough among SEO firms in the country. This is beneficial to clients because it gives them many excellent service providers to choose from.

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