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Learning About Invisible Duplicate Content

Oct 28

Are you getting annoyed that your SEO effort is not paying off? There could be some elements on your website that are hurdling your SEO. From time to time, these include duplicate content which is just not effortlessly seen by the inexperienced eye.

Opposite to what it indicates, duplicate content isn’t always apparent. Content should be checked for uniqueness not only on the web copy but in the meta titles and meta descriptions. These are text on the backend of the website that will not always be conspicuous to the non-techy web visitors, but which Googlebot will see.

There are times when both the website owner as well as the web developer aren’t aware of these duplicate content matters, and through these times, an optimisation expert can help out.

Webmaster Tools is helpful in many ways, including detecting and presenting duplicate html titles and meta description.

This is usually the case with tuition sites. As they have hundreds of tutors, tutor profiles are created for each one. The link to these tutor profiles could be named Tutor Profile – Tutor Name, and this is where duplicate content happens. Even if each profile is uniquely written, the duplicate is within the keyword Tutor that is on each and every profile.

Without being conscious of it, tuition websites may create duplicate content when they write their Tutor profiles. Assuming there are 234 tutors with each having a profile that is an html link with the title Tutor Profile 001, then Google will perceive 234 duplicate keywords on the website’s 234 tutor links.

This could also happen to any web site with a lot of products. For instance, a business selling high end pens might make numerous links to each product. If ever the html title is Pen 001 to 100, then certainly Google will label this as duplicate because of the keyword Pen taking place 100 times over.

It isn’t a dead end road for website owners who may employ quite a few html titles over and over again. They could just alter the title to ensure it is unique and keyword focused.

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