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Why SEO Has A Lasting Relationship With Google

Oct 27

Google released its new privacy policy on March 1. There are many things described in the revolutionary privacy policy but in understandable terms, Google has been gathering information and recording search behaviour of its web users so that they know very well what searches it will give its searchers best.

To demonstrate the usage of data collection, when using Gmail, you will notice that if recently you have sent several emails to lawyers, then the sponsored links appearing on the right hand side of the Gmail will display law-related services or links.

Is There An Affect To SEO Of The New Privacy Policy?

The quick answer to this question is, not a bit. If anything, the privacy policy reaffirms Google as a search engine, even if recently it has released its own edition of a social network, Google Search Plus Your World via Google+. Google will always focus on search, also it uses information which searchers give it or which it gets from end users in order to improve search.

It is possible the question on whether the new privacy policy impacts SEO is highlighted because Google will give a new search experience to users who are signed in to Google products. For instance, if you are using Google Docs and you want to send the document to someone in your Gmail, then the Gmail address of the person you are sending the document to will be displayed.

Do Google Users Have A Say On The Privacy Access?

Certainly you have a voice before Google. You could simply opt to toggle over search history and this will disallow Google to trace your search behavior. However you should understand that this will also bound Google’s ability to return the best relevant search result for you. You do have the liberty to choose what is going to best work for you.

One new product from Google is the social network website Search Plus Your World. Rather than the public search results, you’ll now be capable of finding out what your closest friends or relations think about a certain search query you have entered. For instance you are looking for pet store, so if people from your Google+ circles have shared about pet store, then this can come out on the search results over the public searches.

Whatever it can be, Google is going to be search driven and so SEO will always have a relationship with Google, particularly SEO strategies that unite with Google search philosophy.

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