The Alarm Bells Ring For Black Hat SEOs With The Penguin Update

With Penguin update, Google has effectively conveyed the message to everybody. The message is loud enough to stimulate the unscrupulous entities on the Internet, and leave them in a terrified state. Sadly though, this update also influenced even hardcore white hat SEO firms. The idea of punishing legit sites is sending majority of the Internet population in an incessant guessing game.

Why? Because in a mere blink of an eye, the search results fluctuated just like that. High ranking web sites dropped several places and lost their dominance. Although initially formulated to impede the notorious existence of unscrupulous web sites, the Penguin update’s broad reach has lashed at legit web sites.

Is there a need for a well-devised SEO plan? Of course. Through the Penguin update, Google conveys the intended message pretty well: black hat SEO is bad for your website. How can you hit a first page result if you don’t adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines. The only way to the top is through white hat SEO!

Google loves to hate black hat SEO. Specifically, it hates schemes like spun content, illegal linking, paid directory links, cloaking in web designing, duplicate content, keyword stuffing and all other facets of black hat SEO. If you want to eliminate the threats of getting a penalty from Google, then exert effort to get rid of black hat SEO. Better yet, undergo a thorough web site clean up!

Keep away from dangerous websites. Backlinks from dangerous websites do not add value to your website. Analysts say that Google is not impressed with the prohibited link to me and I’ll link to you approach. The algo update determines the relevancy of the sites you’re linking to. Do not settle for illegal or paid backlinks if you want to stay away from trouble or penalties.

Produce fresh, updated content that has great value to your website visitors. Penguin hates crappy content that’s either cloaked or keyword diluted so produce only good content that satiates the thirst for knowledge of online users.

Hire a white hat SEO company in Singapore to formulate your Internet marketing plan.

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