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The Dangers Of Engaging In Black Hat SEO

Oct 31

SEO is recognised as an art of precision. The popular belief is that only well-crafted SEO campaigns have the same feel. These Internet business marketing plans have parallel features, and are seemingly produced similarly to bring in good results.

When placed under careful scrutiny, website pages that are ranking high possess the same essential elements: valuable content, crawler-friendly page structure, optimisable website designs and professional layouts.

Another question that captures the attention of most internet specialists is this: is there a means to determine what should NOT be done to wound website rankings? Fortunately, Google has identified certain methods that can potentially damage your online image.

Listed below are black hat SEO tactics that might get you in trouble:

Avoid stuffing your pages with keywords. The act of keyword dilution can be a major turnoff, particularly for your readers. Keyword density is a myth, and is no way relevant to the determination of your site rankings. The idea of impressing crawlers with exaggerated keyword usage is already a thing of the past. In case you don’t know, crawlers are too smart now to pay close attention to your abusive use of keywords.

Are you guilty of unnatural linking strategies? Beware! Crawlers are too intelligent to go after anything that smells fishy. If you’re using paid links, reciprocal links and excessive linking strategies, expect Google to go after you. Who knows? You might just be a victim of penalisation too soon!

Don’t hide content from your online users. Are you showing content to crawlers but not to your site viewers? Such deed, also known as cloaking, is a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Some websites take cloaking to another level, and even utilise similar colors for the text and background elements of their site.

Duplicate content must be avoided. Whatever you do, don’t go for anything copied. Boost the value of your website by offering well-written, well-research content to your readers.

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Website Address Registration Information and facts

Oct 30

The internet is not a big deal to use when you know what you are doing. You are lost without a domain name, though, and that is where you have to begin. When you have the website already, you have to give it a name, a domain, and an extension. Then you have to get it registered. So don’t waste time thinking, and do it already.

There are easy steps to getting your domain name registered, but you have to learn them first. So you need to spend a lot of time on the internet, just finding out how to get that done. Or you need to have a friend come in to help you with it, or you want to pay someone a small retainer to do it for you. However you see it, your domain name registration is important. It is not a new thing, registering domain names in today’s earth. The problem is that there simply are too many internet frauds out there. If you will proceed in safety, you must find the right service to do it through. No less.

Determining the domain name you are going to be using online takes some work, you should know. You have to seek out a name that is not already taken using a search engine. And before hitting the search button when looking for the domain name for your online business, you should see that you include a domain extension. That way, your results should be more specific.

Domain name registration is like signing up to be a player in a game. Only this time, the game is the internet, and playing it could get you global. Your little business can begin to get callers from all over the world because you took the bull by the horns to put its website online. You see, great people have to think great all the time.

Find a website online, read up on domain name registration, and then follow the easy steps to get it done. If you don’t, you will never get to progress with… anything on the internet. But once you can put that behind you, there is no limit to how much you can achieve online. But the web design comes first, and then the domain name registration.

One thing you perhaps do not know about the internet is that those who get on it don’t do not get on it for free. There pay a token, a small fee, to get the name of their website domains registered so that they can be listed on the internet and then they can be reached. You need to do that too if you are ever to rise from obscurity online.

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Learning About Invisible Duplicate Content

Oct 28

Are you getting annoyed that your SEO effort is not paying off? There could be some elements on your website that are hurdling your SEO. From time to time, these include duplicate content which is just not effortlessly seen by the inexperienced eye.

Opposite to what it indicates, duplicate content isn’t always apparent. Content should be checked for uniqueness not only on the web copy but in the meta titles and meta descriptions. These are text on the backend of the website that will not always be conspicuous to the non-techy web visitors, but which Googlebot will see.

There are times when both the website owner as well as the web developer aren’t aware of these duplicate content matters, and through these times, an optimisation expert can help out.

Webmaster Tools is helpful in many ways, including detecting and presenting duplicate html titles and meta description.

This is usually the case with tuition sites. As they have hundreds of tutors, tutor profiles are created for each one. The link to these tutor profiles could be named Tutor Profile – Tutor Name, and this is where duplicate content happens. Even if each profile is uniquely written, the duplicate is within the keyword Tutor that is on each and every profile.

Without being conscious of it, tuition websites may create duplicate content when they write their Tutor profiles. Assuming there are 234 tutors with each having a profile that is an html link with the title Tutor Profile 001, then Google will perceive 234 duplicate keywords on the website’s 234 tutor links.

This could also happen to any web site with a lot of products. For instance, a business selling high end pens might make numerous links to each product. If ever the html title is Pen 001 to 100, then certainly Google will label this as duplicate because of the keyword Pen taking place 100 times over.

It isn’t a dead end road for website owners who may employ quite a few html titles over and over again. They could just alter the title to ensure it is unique and keyword focused.

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Why SEO Has A Lasting Relationship With Google

Oct 27

Google released its new privacy policy on March 1. There are many things described in the revolutionary privacy policy but in understandable terms, Google has been gathering information and recording search behaviour of its web users so that they know very well what searches it will give its searchers best.

To demonstrate the usage of data collection, when using Gmail, you will notice that if recently you have sent several emails to lawyers, then the sponsored links appearing on the right hand side of the Gmail will display law-related services or links.

Is There An Affect To SEO Of The New Privacy Policy?

The quick answer to this question is, not a bit. If anything, the privacy policy reaffirms Google as a search engine, even if recently it has released its own edition of a social network, Google Search Plus Your World via Google+. Google will always focus on search, also it uses information which searchers give it or which it gets from end users in order to improve search.

It is possible the question on whether the new privacy policy impacts SEO is highlighted because Google will give a new search experience to users who are signed in to Google products. For instance, if you are using Google Docs and you want to send the document to someone in your Gmail, then the Gmail address of the person you are sending the document to will be displayed.

Do Google Users Have A Say On The Privacy Access?

Certainly you have a voice before Google. You could simply opt to toggle over search history and this will disallow Google to trace your search behavior. However you should understand that this will also bound Google’s ability to return the best relevant search result for you. You do have the liberty to choose what is going to best work for you.

One new product from Google is the social network website Search Plus Your World. Rather than the public search results, you’ll now be capable of finding out what your closest friends or relations think about a certain search query you have entered. For instance you are looking for pet store, so if people from your Google+ circles have shared about pet store, then this can come out on the search results over the public searches.

Whatever it can be, Google is going to be search driven and so SEO will always have a relationship with Google, particularly SEO strategies that unite with Google search philosophy.

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Best Ways To Handle Risk Management With Your Internet Business Today

Oct 27

If you were to compare real life to online business marketing, there are many similarities. The similarities begin with understanding that, like in real life, not everyone is going to survive. If you want to be a success with your business, you must win the mental battle that is always set before you. Anyone that wants to truly do well with their business must win certain psychological battles along the way. It is up to you whether you will allow that to drag you down, or not.

The typical blog, especially if it’s very popular, is stuffed with advertisements of all kinds. Even though the idea is obviously to monetize the blog, if this is too extreme it becomes self-defeating. You have to strike the right balance with your blog if you want visitors to keep returning. It’s important that your blog loads efficiently, which means you should keep plugins to a minimum. Then, be careful about using a lot of apps and for the same reason. Installing a script for analytics and tracking data is always a good idea for your blog. But try to keep things on the clean side.

Online marketers, probably more than any other type of business owner, tend to find themselves multitasking a great deal of the time. It seems logical that the more irons you have in the fire (such as dozens of different blogs or websites), the more money you can make. Yet if you’re not giving your compete attention to any single project, you may find that none of them turn out the way you hoped. Instead of having multiple income streams, you end up with none. You’ll have more success if you move more slowly and maintain your focus. If it is a major project, then work on that in addition to your daily business and marketing tasks. You’ll be more effective and efficient if you put all of your attention on a single aspect of your business at a time.

We have been talking about risk management in this article but with examples of money management. Sound money management, keeping your risks as low as possible, something that you need to learn. Your success is dependent upon realizing how important this is to master.

Obviously, there is a lot more I could have discussed, but this article is a bit lengthy regardless. Even though this article is a little long, it’s only presenting a small portion of what you must know. No matter what your goals are, personal issues will always make or break your attempts to succeed with IM, no matter what type of business you set up. So just accept it as totally normal because we all have out little things to deal with in business.

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Learning Google’s Featured Innovations, Search Plus Your World And Retargeting

Oct 26

What is Google all about? Google is about making creative decisions at the right place and at the right time. Its continuous algorithmic improvements over the past few years mirror what this Internet giant stands for: meaningful innovations that can change the Internet landscapes. How does Google do this? It upholds and enhances what works, and drags what doesn’t.

Can Google prove its authority? Of course it can. And through figures, Google can determine how it has developed into remarkable Web entity. The announcement of the February 2012 search engine market shares only validates Google’s ability to topple and overshadow other minor search engine competitors. Last February, Google earned a whopping 66.5 percent share of searches, a second all time high monthly market share.

Do these persistent changes and innovations affect the online market? Of course. Truth is, these changes practically influence everyone. It is only the large population of optimisers and marketers, however, who need to confront the bulk of added work to keep up with Google’s abrupt stream of modifications.

Google introduces, yet again, a new set of features after Google Panda’s launch in early 2011. What does this act mean? Google doesn’t plan to stop to its innovation spree! This means that online optimisers and Internet marketers need to be wary, watchful and aware of the latest Web trends every now and then. After all, responding to Google’s fluctuating standards only means keeping up with all the recent updates. It also means raising the bar, and constantly searching for ways to utilise the ideal practices. The trick is to probe into current SEO trends and integrate these elements when creating an effective marketing strategy that meets basic SEO requirements.

Here are significant SEO topics you must kow before you conquer the scene this year.

Retargeting Your Clients This latest ad creation from Google’s Display Network certainly breaks the confines of typical online promotion. Rather than purchasing ads to captivate customers, you now are gifted with the privilege to easily follow your potential clients and previous customers and have the ability to present certain ads to this particular audience, wherever, whenever you wish. The great part is that you’ve got control over your advertisements. You select what to show, when to show it and who to show it to.

Social Plus Search What happens when social searches fuse with public search? Well, Google can answer that question. Even though formerly rumoured to spike up interest for its own social platform Google+, Google has definitely added value to the significance of social media by releasing the Search, Plus Your World feature. Google Search Plus Your World is anticipated to paint the public viewing context with personal results.

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8 Wonderful Tips: Selecting A Professional Search Engine Optimization Service

Oct 25

Search engine optimization is increasingly being accepted as an effective and important element of the marketing plan. With the prices involved in other types of on-line marketing growing substantially, it has actually come to be just about a requirement for companies to consist of SEO in their general advertising mix.

It’s therefore no surprise to understand that qualified SEO today is big company and this sector is expanding at a fast pace. There are nonetheless lots of different sorts of SEO firms out there and locating a reliable service can be an intimidating job.

Search engine optimization firms use varying methods to get high rankings for websites and not all of these methods are thought about ethical. With the increasing number of ‘black hat’ SEO firms, (companies making use of unethical and unjustifiable methods and methods to maneuver search engines), and the thin line between actual ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ SEO practices, it is important to be well informed of the methodology the business organizes to use for your website prior to choosing them.

Right here are 8 straightforward strategies to assist you in your evaluation and variety of a trustworthy and professional search engine optimization service:

1. Enlighten yourself with the basics. Ensure to do your research carefully prior to you venture out to choose a SEO service. It’s essential you understand in advance precisely just what a firm can and will certainly do for you to allow you to assess them. There are a number of resources online dedicated to search engine advertising and search engine optimization and putting in the time to understand and find out the essentials will go a long way.

2. Cost frameworks and your spending plan. There are no standardized charge frameworks and the majority of companies offer a variety of plans instead. A package could in itself include a variety of services like keyword analysis, optimization of a certain number of pages, directory submissions etc. Choosing a company should not be only about expense. A firm that charges more might not automatically be far better at SEO and also a firm that charges less may not automatically be supplying you the exact same services. Use prudence while understanding rates models and the dangers behind them. One method to go about determining just what your spending plan must be is to first determine your site’s and business’ one-of-a-kind requirements, modify a plan to satisfy these requirements then contrast firms’ rates designs to determine a realistic baseline budget.

3. Dimension and specialty of the firm. Relying on the dimension of your internet site and requirements of your business, it might be a good idea to have a look at whether the firm is properly staffed and exactly what their customer to SEO team proportion is.

Another crucial thing is to guarantee that the business specializes in all areas of SEO and has a team of experts experienced and achieved in each of the locations consisting of design, development and real coding.

4. Location The area of the firm largely depends on your convenience level. You could favor a local company or one at the very least within your country or choose to delegate entirely to another country to benefit from their bottom prices. There are also couple of business making use of a mixed offshore delivery model with advertising and client services workplaces in one nation and the actual design and development work being done in yet another. With the combo of reduced prices plus client servicing available within reach, this upcoming well balanced model might be a good possibility to think about.

5. Customer testimonies and references. References are a wonderful method to begin and should be freely readily available. If they haven’t been delivered, ask and make sure to use them to learn precisely just how credible and credible the business actually is based on their past customer’s experiences.

6. Guarantees. The majority of firms won’t guarantee leading position outcomes and shouldn’t. It is sensible for a business to guarantee increasing your traffic or rankings from its existing positions; nevertheless if any sort of SEO service is guaranteeing you a certain position/ranking in any type of search engine, make certain you check out the small print of the contract.

7. Ethics / Spam. Ethics is of vital significance when it comes to selecting a search engine optimization business. There are a variety of unethical practices a firm can easily utilize right from while offering their services to you, to, the actual methods they utilize while optimizing your internet site (keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc to name a few). Make sure to ask lots of questions and especially about the approach they make use of. If the firm does not deliver you ready explanations of the process they undertake to optimize web sites, you probably have to look somewhere else.

8. Reporting and success measurement. A few of the essential questions to ask– How long will it take to see outcomes? What sort of reports will the SEO firm furnish and just how typically? Just how will success be measured? Will a maintenance plan be featured?

It is mainly up to you to specify the goal and success level of your SEO campaign. It may be a rise in the traffic to your site, possible leads from a mailing list registration, or an increase from last year’s sales. Make it a point to talk about and articulate your objectives with the SEO firm and concern an agreement prior to you choose them. It is nonetheless important to set realistic expectations. Unlike PPC and additional sorts of paid advertising, SEO is a time consuming procedure, both in regards to execution along with results.

To conclude, choosing a SEO services firm can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line, nevertheless the decision to partner with a certain SEO firm must just ensue after a mindful analysis of the firm and after you have done the groundwork required to help you determine your own goals for the program.

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Making Money Online Can Be Easy, Here’s How

Oct 25

All I ask is that you put these strategies to the test and when they prove profitable, visit my site to learn how a chance encounter at a bar in New York City took my business from barely afloat to profitable practically overnight.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes on my way to earning a few hundred dollars per month online.

Getting over these hurdles turned out to be worth it because the money that I make comes in every single month whether I work on those sites again or not. Exerting minimal effort and website maintenance and money keeps coming in is a great feeling.

What a feeling!

On the other hand, were I given the chance to re-start my business from scratch, doing a few things differently would certainly cause me to get to where I am today much quicker and with less effort.

That’s what this article is about dispelling myths about affiliate marketing and getting you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. First I will tell you about the specifics mistakes that I made on my journey and then I will give you the strategy to bypass all the BS and make money quickly and effortlessly as if you were swimming with the current as opposed to against it.

Back in 2010 while marketing my family’s restaurant and trying to find new customers through Internet marketing, I discovered Search Engine Optimization.

Learning to rank websites on the first page of search engines was good.

The bad news is, even though I got websites on page one of Google, I was focusing on the wrong keywords!

Therefore, my first error was working on ranking for the wrong key phrases.

I was fed up with ranking with nothing to show for it so I bought a course on affiliate marketing and had some success.

I learned a lot from that course but, and here is my second mistake, I created a large site where I tried to promote many different products, services and softwares.

Everything was going great but when the site hit a certain income level it hit a wall. Also it was only after a lot of effort and months after starting the site until the traffic level supported these sales.

I compare this strategy to maneuvering a huge cargo ship. It takes a lot of time and energy to get where you need to go.

That’s when I serendipitously met a guy while at a networking event in a bar in Manhattan who crushed that authority site belief that I was holding on to. It turns out that he’s made over ten million dollars in a little over a decade making sites with only a few pages of content.

I was shocked.

All this time I thought you had to add content every day in order to get in the good graces of Google and he was ranking sites on page one within a few weeks and with a few pages of content??

Wow! I had to pay attention.

What he taught me was something I already knew but did not focus on that exact match domains and having your keywords in the domain accounted for up to a quarter of the ranking factors.

It accounts for a quarter of the ranking factors!

By building smaller sites focused on individual products you can get sites up and profitable much quicker and with less effort because they are easier to rank. This way if you fail, who cares?

My ah-ha moment didn’t stop there. If you can get buyer keywords in your domain and those buyer keywords have enough traffic, you can quickly and easily get buyers to your site with their wallets in hand and ready to spend.

Isn’t that better? Effortlessly swimming with the current as your website guests have money in hand and most of the search engine battle has already been won from day one by having the right kind of domain name.

Here’s Exactly What to Do to Get There

Buyer Keyword Investigation

People typing phrases into the search bar that are later on in the buying process is the key.

The most common phrases searched by people ready to buy are:

-The Service/Product Name

-Product or Service Reviews

-The Specific Model #

-Name of Product Bonus

-Product or Service Followed by the Word Discount

-Inventor/Creator of the Product’s Name

-The Word Buy Followed by the Product Name

-Buy Model Number

Keep all keywords that have more than 1000 people searching for them each month.

Exact match is the option inside the Google External Keyword tool that you must use with this rule of thumb. Broad is any time any of the words you type in are searched for in any order with any other combination of words mixed in… Phrase match means that the searcher is using your words in the same order but still may have additional words too… The Exact match is when the person is searching for only those words in the same exact order… Naturally, there won’t be nearly as many Exact match results as the Phrase or Broad because the probability of someone searching for only those words in that order is always less.

For now just know that when you use the Google External Keyword tool, you want to check off Exact Match and uncheck the other in the left hand sidebar.

Nothing is for certain and this is just a rule of thumb. After doing this a few times and seeing what sells and what doesn’t you will become excellent and keyword research and spotting winners when you see them.

Analyzing the Competition

All you need to do is look at the top ten results in Google when you type in your keyword and answer these questions:

-Does the site have the keyword in the URL? Is it in the front or the back? Root domain or a sub-page of the website?

-Now look at the site titles. Is the keyword in the title of the site?

-Is the keyword found in the description?

-How about in the Header tag?

If any of this is over your head, don’t fret right now because any great market research tool with a competition analysis module will be able to quickly answer all these questions for you.

The amount of external links pointing in to a site is of course important but the exciting point to remember is if you get/have a domain name with your keywords built in, the first spot in the search engine results is yours to defend!

That’s the thing you need to take away from this article, if nothing else. The URL is the most important search ranking factor, by far.

Brian Clark of Copyblogger stated,

“you can gain attention from people via search engines because Google trusts your content.”

Well said by Brian and I believe this is the reason exact match domains rank so highly. Because Google trusts that a site with the keyword in its URL will be the most relevant by default until you prove to them otherwise.

You follow?

The next step is to find the best available domain name that contains your keywords

Go to your nearest domain host and see if the buyer keyword for the product you want to promote is available in .com, .net or .org. My mentor (find out who that is on my website) seems to easily rank any of the three main extensions but they are in priority order.

The only thing he said not to get in your .com, .net or .org is hyphens between words. I am a little skeptical so I recently registered a product name with a hyphen in between the two words so that I can test out the theory on my own.


The last step in this tutorial is to write relevant articles, create videos and post to social sites and forums, in order to build hyperlinks pointing back to your website and have humans and search engine spiders find your website.

Go thing is you probably won’t need to build that many in order to start moving up the search engine results because you have the keywords in your domain, remember?

Bringing It All Together

The great thing about this technique is you will be able to quickly determine whether you have a winner or not and then be able to move onto the next site and product. Just go after the products you think you have the greatest probability of making you money.

Some of your sites will produce no money, some will make you some and some will be homeruns. The more sites you put up the better off you will be. It’s a numbers game just like everything else.

In this article we discussed keywords that have the potential of bringing in money and keyword-rich domains.

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How To Keep Your Website In Good Shape

Oct 23

What does it take to craft a web site that conquers the online stage? Well, you ought to have more than just a long winding list of guidelines and tips. Because website development is a difficult entity to master, you need more than just creative inspiration to push through. You must have determination, focus and attention to details to create a masterpiece. In fact, you must understand the views of the designer, developer and optimiser, before you can create the right approach to the process of conceiving a website.

The usual production period for a website may span from weeks to months. During this time, designers should remain enthusiastic about their online project as it is crucial for them to keep the web site in tip top shape. What is needed to create a website that stands out from the rest? Here are the secrets to having a website that is functional and compelling.

Good markup language connotes meticulous web development skills. As a web developer, you should make sure your HTML practice is above par. Continuously validate your markup language and keep a close eye on your codes. Style your elements and ensure correct headings and listings are implemented.

Keep your meta data intact. To do so, you will need to evaluate the SEO elements of your website. Without proper optimisation methods, the website faces the threat of underperforming, and being buried under a pile of other websites! To avoid this unfortunate incident, make sure you create titles and descriptions that are appealing and interesting.

Do you want to get the most capable form of web development services available? Look no further. If you want to know the way to having effective online presence, hire the services of the best web design company Singapore. These companies give you a taste of both worlds: ideal website design and development solutions and result-oriented SEO campaigns.

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Negative SEO: The Perils That It Brings

Oct 23

The competition in the SEO industry is incredibly tough. Intense pressure and expectations from clients keep most optimisers on their toes, working day in and day out to produce tangible results. As days pass by though, the challenges are becoming more difficult to mount. Some fall off, some stay at the top. Some lose, some win the laborious SEO game.

There is impending danger when a certain optimiser do not accomplish the results. Sometimes, when these internet specialists frown upon the results, they result to unethical means just so they can get even with their competitors. It may be hard to believe, but the SEO industry is being tarnished by dirty tactics from time to time.

Issues concernig negative SEO have been going on for many years. Negative SEO pertains to the idea of acting out illegal deeds and malicious strategies to get a certain site to fall off SERPS, diminish rankings, and get banned by Google or other search engines. The alarming aspect of negative SEO is that it is NOT the website owner who performs these malicious tactics, it’s the competitor or hacker who desires to make the victimised website look awful and bad in the eyes of Google.

Negative SEO, according to Rand fishkin, can be done in numerous ways. Some try to incorporate viruses, malwares and spam links hacked websites and blogs. Some choose excessive spam reporting so that their opponents are immediately knocked out. Some even exert effort to point illegal links to victim web sites so that Google may perceive the supposed irregularities.

Do you wish to eradicate the idea of being a victim of negative SEO? Sure you can. With the professional assistance of a professional website design and SEO company, you can! Because SEO Singapore is one of the best in the world, you don’t have to worry about the results that you’re after. If you want your site to enjoy maximum online security, hire a recommended web design company in Singapore today!

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